West Side Story – Preview/Review/NODA

April 10, 2013

Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser

NODA show report |David Black

ACAOS brought the much awaited West Side Story to Airdrie marking 100 years since their first ever performance in the Town Hall.  This production was incredibly slick from start to finish with excellent choreography making full use of the performers’ talents.  This was equally matched through drama in particular at the ‘rumble’ and the ‘taunting’ and also the strong vocal sound from an extremely enthusiastic and talented cast who were supported by a wonderful orchestra.  Iain Runciman provided a masterful performance as Tony, the former joint-leader of the Jets.  This was equally matched by Rachel Campbell, making her debut with the company, as Maria the Puerto Rican ingénue.  Craig Murdoch provided excellent leadership of the jets as Riff as did Robert Taylor as leader of the Sharks with Linzi Slamin providing amazing characterisation as the saucy Anita. The performances of other principles was first class and I must congratulate all involved in this amazing production.  It was well rehearsed and perfectly cast with no weaknesses.  The show was well costumed and the set was spot on.  It was a gamble but it clearly paid off – well done!

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