Will you go to lunch?

Excited to report that I will be appearing in Strathclyde Theatre Group’s production of one of the twentieth century’s best plays, GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS by David Mamet. 

The play, at Websters Theatre in Glasgow from 7-10 September 2016, is one of my favourites and I will be playing Williamson, the office manager.  It is a wonderfully written piece about a group of salesmen under extreme pressure to sell in a real estate office in the USA.  Full of wickedly written dialogue and unexpected humour, the play is widely known because of the all-star cast in the 1992 movie version.  Whether you know the show, the film, or have heard of it and been curious to experience it live on stage, then this is a must-see – although there is a fair amount of strong language, so be prepared!

Tickets are already on sale on the Websters and Cottier’s website, where you can find out more about the show.  Hope to see you there!

Full cast list:

Roma – Iain Campbell | Levene – Richard Craig | Moss – Aaron Pennie

Aaronow – Stewart Macdougall | Williamson – Thomas Gemmell

Lingk – Kristopher Curran | Baylen – Sasha MacPherson | Blake – Gary Hurr
Stage Manager – Megan Green.

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