The Wedding Singer

Some final words…

March 18, 2018

Another great week of performances in Airdrie Town Hall – The Wedding Singer has been a blast to direct and by all accounts the show is a runaway success.

Artwork ACAOS

I particularly enjoyed the performances of the principals, especially Kathryn Heron as Julia, although the rest of the excruciatingly hard working principals were great too.

It was also a pleasure to work with the MUTANTS and the IMPERSONATORS who deserve a shout out, and of course the CHORUS who are often unheralded, but whose appearances, reactions and of course voices, provide the essential support the show needs.

I am also very proud of the set, provided and augmented by Jack Murdoch with magnificent light boxes – and the lighting I designed in association with the staff at NLC looked fantastic.

Here’s to the next show!


David Black
Set in the 1980s, Robbie Hart is ‘The Wedding Singer’ about to be married to his long term girlfriend Linda but she dumps him at the altar as she wants to be the wife of a rock star, not a wedding singer.  The romantic comedy has many twists and as we have come to expect, boy meets girl and everyone ends up with the correct partner in the end.  As Robbie, Steven Struthers excelled in all aspects that the title role demanded as the hopeless romantic who falls in love with the sweet-natured waitress Julia, ably portrayed by Kathryn Heron, after getting his heart broken by his terrifying ex girlfriend Linda, brilliantly played by Laura Shepherd, supported by Eilish Brand who ably played the part of her friend Holly.  Craig Carter provided an excellent performance as Glen Guglia the money-mad womanizing cheating boyfriend of Julia.  Robbie’s band mates also gave sterling performances brilliantly played by Dale Crombie as Sammy and the hilarious Ross McGhee who gave a sassy and camp performance as George.  Katie Angus provided an entertaining performance in her characterisation of Grandma Rose.  The rest of the cast, provided strong performances through acting, sharp choreography and singing through strong choral numbers.  On this the last night there was even a ‘live’ proposal of marriage on stage just after the bows – congratulation Kathryn!  Perhaps not the best known show but this company certainly did it justice!

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