Spider-Man: Far From Home posters?

Updated with latest “twists” in June!

Anyone who knows me knows I am no fan of the Spider-Man Homecoming poster with the cluster of floating heads in a top-heavy over-stuffed extravaganza.

And it can be difficult to assess posters today as the marketing for big movies produces multiple posters of multiple designs for multiple markets. Fan made posters which look legitimate also cloud the waters.

Yet this Homecoming poster was a disappointment. I yearn for the end of the cluster of floating heads.

So it was with some curiousity I checked out the Spider-Man Far From Home poster, which – YES! – has no cluster of floating heads. But instead it keeps the distant skyline idea of Homecoming, and plonks three characters on top doing that back-to-back pose from a million buddy-cop posters. If I wanted a buddy-cop story I’d watch Captain Marvel (wink).

Samuel L. Jackson looks like he’s been pasted in from another movie.

And they’ve forced Tom Holland into a brokeback pose. That’s not America’s ass.

June 2019 Update.

Social media has fun with this image this week. Two character posters for Far From Home featuring Nick Fury. Look closely.

Funny, yet desperately sad at the same time. Funnier though, is Samuel L. Jackson’s Instagram response.

Marvel may rule the box office but their posters can sometimes be very uninspired. If you watch the Vanity Fair videos with James Verdesoto breaking down the Marvel posters you can see the logic and design quality of some, but if this poster for Far From Home is genuine, then it’s sad.

Wouldn’t it be nice for there to be an awesomely designed poster for fans to hang on their wall? Is that too much to ask?

As a footnote, check out this clip from the fantastic History Channel documentary SUPERHEROES DECODED which covers the hyper-sexualisation of women in comic books, mentioning the so-called brokeback pose and the impossibility of the pose that includes face, twisted torso, chest and butt, which is still used in movie posters for some superheroes, and now seems to have taken hold on posters for male characters too. Stop making our heroes look ridiculous!

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