AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: the introductions

One useful exercise when examing moving image in a Media course is to investigate how characters are introduced through FILM LANGUAGE.

By looking at the SHOT TYPE, CAMERA ANGLE, COMPOSITION and USE OF COLOUR – indeed the whole MISE EN SCENE, you can “decode” the messages that the filmmakers are trying to present to the audience.

Each picture below opens up an information sheet, examining how the filmmaker’s introduce each character through the use of shot, angle, composition, colour, costume, make-up and action.

Students are usually surprised that some simple techniques in relatively short scenes can introduce characters so efficiently.


Using one of the information sheets as a template, follow the same procedure for another character in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (THE AVENGERS).

OR complete that exercise for any film of your choice.

Nick Fury
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Bruce Banner/Hulk
Steve Rogers/Captain America


Half of the work in Media in schools in Scotland is ANALYSIS – and this is a great exercise to get the young people started, encouraging them to be more alert when watching, and to appreciate what the filmmakers’ pre-load into a film.

And of course, the next step is asking the pupils to make their own short film. Learn how the pros do it… then go make your own!

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