Casino Royale – poster analysis

This poster for Casino Royale is very striking – and was one of the posters used during the initial publicity for the film in 2006.

In any simple poster analysis, we would ask students to discuss the background, use of imagery or colour, the use and position of graphics or fonts (as well as the type of font).

Of course once those observations are noted, students are encouraged to analyse and give their thoughts and opinions.

Using THINGLINK I’ve put together a sample analysis of the poster. The good thing about Thinglink is that you can annotate imagery with comments, links or video clips. It even has an immersive reader to read text aloud.

It’s easy to learn and crucially, students could use it too, perhaps creating an analysis for a poster of their own choice. Click on the image below to open the thinglink.

(Not sponsored by Thinglink, just trying out more online resources!)

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