Monologue and Storyboard Challenge

This exercise is designed to blend a few techniques, mixed media and expand a range of skills.

The starting point is for the students to understand what monologues are, and to watch two very informative YouTube clips on storyboards and shot composition.

Understanding Shot Types
Introduction to Storyboarding

The next section is an exemplar taking a speech from a character and placing three simple storyboards next to it in an attempt to bring it to life.

The final two sections challenge the student to develop a short monologue then to film it using whatever technology they have at hand.

Of course, students could work in teams to produce this – with one performing, and another filming.

  • Reading / analysis / understanding
  • Watching video media
  • Using examplar to understand how storyboards work
  • Imaginative writing of monologue
  • Planning and drawing of storyboards
  • Use of technology to film a performance of monologue using planned storyboards

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