Simple Analysis Skills: Movie Posters

One of the most important aspects of studying Media, (and in the written portion of the Drama exam here in Scotland), is the development of analysis skills.

In this exercise I introduce some of the key aspects of Media analysis in three sections:

Section One: brief explanation of some key terms.

Section Two: straightforward worked example of those terms analysing the original movie poster for ALIEN (1979).

Section Three: example for students to complete, analysing the new poster for GODZILLA VS KONG (2021).

This is aimed as entry level analysis, but of course this could be the basis for deeper analysis. One interesting aspect is how this new monster movie is being presented (streaming AND cinema release).

The specific posters could be swapped out for ANY poster, although a comparison with the other recent “Monsterverse” movies might be of interest for younger students.

Next up: trailer analysis for GODZILLA VS KONG.


Remember, Remember the Fifth of November…

THE GUNPOWDER PLOT is a fictionalised account of the hour before Guy Fawkes was tortured. The conspirator, housed in The Tower of London, is visited by the young writer William Shakespeare who has a remarkable conspiracy to reveal about the plot of one of his plays – but then King James appears…

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