The Autumn of Terror – available now!

The experiences of 2020 including lockdown had many reflecting on their day to day lives or their work.

Early in 2020 I had been thinking about my play The Whitechapel Murders which was a docu-drama that told the story of the “Jack the Ripper” murders and a large part of that show was monologues from the main characters, and I thought that the monologues could become a play on their own.

The Autumn of Terror Paperback
The Autumn of Terror Paperback


This play takes the “canonical five” victims and attempts to bring them to life through events in their lives.

The Autumn of Terror - extract from "Polly"
The Autumn of Terror – Polly

The play is now available as a paperback copy or as a Kindle edition from the Amazon website- click below:

One day I’d like to put together a small production of THE AUTUMN OF TERROR, but until then, if that is a project you would like to do, please let me know, for I’d love this play to bring the voices to life again.

My earlier posts about the play are linked below, where I had previewed some of the monologues.

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