Bond Opening Titles and Songs – The Craig Years

Bond fans expect certain things from a 007 movie. Two of them are title songs by current music superstars, and the opening title sequence.

As a compliment to my Bond reviews, and the Bond Movie Poster posts, here are the Craig Bond openings.

What’s your favourite Craig Bond theme song?

What’s your favourite Craig opening title sequence?


Song “You Know My Name” written by Chris Cornell and David Arnold. Performed by Chris Cornell. Titles designed by.Daniel Kleinman.

The use of the playing card motif is inspired, and I love how the titles include fist fights and violence, but they are accomplished with the use of card suits becoming weapons, slicing through the villains. Then of course, there is Daniel Craig striding towards us at the very end.


Song “Another Way to Die” written by Jack White.
Performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys. Titles designed by MK12.

Some express disappointment with these titles as they were not designed by Daniel Kleinman, but I feel that the stylish titles comprising imagery of sand and stars compliments action in the story. They are less intricate than Casino, and the titles that followed, but like the film itself, I like the brevity and simplicity. And as a lover of the film, I’m bound to like the titles, right?


Song written by Adele and Paul Hepworth. Performed by Adele.
Titles designed by Daniel Kleinman.

The titles for Skyfall are detailed and intricate, demanding multiple watches to fully appreciate the depth in the design. Many elements of the plot are foreshadowed in the titles, including a major plot point involving M, hinted at when Judi Dench‘s name appears.


Song “Writing’s on the Wall“, by Sam Smith, Jimmy Napes.
Performed by Sam Smith. Titles designed by Daniel Kleinman.

The titles are coated in a honey glaze, just like the cinematography itself, and these yellows really contrast with the oily blackness of the tentacles which surround Bond in some unsettling imagery – and while not too similar, I always think about the startling (and disturbing) titles for David Fincher‘s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (designed by Tim Miller).


Song by Billie Eilish and Finneas and Hans Zimmer. Titles designed by Daniel Kleinman.

The titles begin with coloured dots echoing the design of the Dr. No titles, before creating some beautiful and creepy imagery with flowers and vines spreading inside statues (a lovely visual representation of the Heracles “virus” spreading). The titles also incorporate Bond imagery such as the DB5, guns, the statue of Britannia (echoing OHMSS titles), and Kleinman’s own work for the prior Craig films, as if revisiting icons for one last time.

For me, best opening titles belong to CASINO ROYALE, then NO TIME TO DIE tied with QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Some of the images in Daniel Kleinman’s titles for both Skyfall and Spectre are wonderful though.

Best theme song: YOU KNOW MY NAME. (with “Skyfall” as a close second). David Arnold describes the theme for Casino Royale as Bond kicking in the doors and I really hope Bond 26 reintroduces the character with a new lead actor by kicking in the doors once more.

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