James Bond movie posters – The Craig Years

Rewatching all of the Bond films in the run up to the release of NO TIME TO DIE has been fascinating, and since the film has been delayed, I've been looking at Bond Movie Artwork. My reviews for the Daniel Craig Bonds are linked in the headings below. As you will probably be aware, modern … Continue reading James Bond movie posters – The Craig Years

Bring Back the League (of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

Unfavourably received, unfairly remembered, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen deserves better. CRAZY ADVENTURE Following successes like Blade and X-Men and the improvements in CGI special effects, this crazy comic book adventure tried to inject some wild verve and stylish visuals to bring a beloved comic book to life. By the time of its release, on set tensions had poisoned relations between … Continue reading Bring Back the League (of Extraordinary Gentlemen)


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The Bond film reached the fullest extent of its 70s excess with Moonraker,
the epitome of “Bond Bloat”. Fans were upset that it went too far with
the silly humour and story that ripped off earlier Bonds. The producers
also realised that when you’ve went to space you can’t go any bigger.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY is tougher, more “real world” and
includes actual espionage. Like Bond used to be.

The plot is lean and efficient: a missile guidance device (ATAC) has been lost at sea. Russia and the UK would like it, so Bond is sent to track down the killers of marine archaeologists who were searching for it. Along the way he bumps into a Bond “girl” who is more independent and driven than the female characters have been in a long time. He also meets two charismatic individuals, one an enemy, and one who rivals From…

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