Sunshine on Leith (2016)

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Sunshine on Leith is a great show.

Even if you aren’t aware of, or a huge fan of the music of The Proclaimers, Stephen Greenhorn crafted a show that is very accessible and extremely enjoyable.

The script is in turns hilarious, sad, full of banter and camaraderie and then deep relatable emotions. It’s a combination of the best of soap opera and modern comedy, with songs that really work.

A good while before the show was to be produced by ACAOS, I had indicated to the team that I think a great way of utilising the stage, to ensure slick scene changes and to highlight moments of the script, would be to use a rotating stage installation.

Luckily, the club agreed and we went to work.

The revolve allowed us to effect scene changes on stage with the least amount of fuss or stage traffic. It also…

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Godspell (2012)

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This production was a creative challenge from the outset. The club’s usual venue was closed for renovations, and the previous production had been mounted at a local primary school.

This time, the show was to be performed in a church – which makes sense due to the nature of the show – but that meant that traditional performing space was unavailable.

How to utilise the aisles, the choir stalls, and the pulpit? Sure, we could have restricted the show to the available floor space but that seemed too low key. The church was a great venue – how to use a place where people congregate in a new way?

I designed this poster, inspired by the original Broadway poster by David Edward Byrd

For me, Godspell was a musical with a great concept and wonderful music, but I couldn’t get the images from the film out of my mind –…

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Caesar (1999)

Just realised that 20 years ago TheatreFusion were getting ready to mount a production of my modern day adaptation of Julius Caesar (set in a contemporary U.S. Presidential campaign) at Cottiers, Glasgow. I also directed the production. 20 years! Despite some technical issues with the multimedia (clunking video players!) the adaptation was well-received, and was … Continue reading Caesar (1999)