Bring Back the League (of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

Unfavourably received, unfairly remembered, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen deserves better. CRAZY ADVENTURE Following successes like Blade and X-Men and the improvements in CGI special effects, this crazy comic book adventure tried to inject some wild verve and stylish visuals to bring a beloved comic book to life. By the time of its release, on set tensions had poisoned relations between … Continue reading Bring Back the League (of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

Monologue and Storyboard Challenge

This exercise is designed to blend a few techniques, mixed media and expand a range of skills. The starting point is for the students to understand what monologues are, and to watch two very informative YouTube clips on storyboards and shot composition. Understanding Shot Types Introduction to Storyboarding The next section is an … Continue reading Monologue and Storyboard Challenge