Thunderball had it’s UK release on 29th December 1965. Here’s my review of the film…

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Bond 25 will arrive in April 2020 – so I’m challenging myself to look back at every Bond film before then.  This time, let’s visit Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang…


I must admit, despite being a Bond fan since seeingThe Spy Who Loved Mein
the cinema as a boy, and my dad introducing me to the Sean Connery Bonds on TV,
and having been to see almost every Bond since then on the big screen, and
buying the DVDs, and tuning into them whenever they are on… I only watchedThunderballfor
the first time only a few months ago.

I don’t know why, but I had never come across it on TV, and certainly
never thought of buying it. Of course, I had seenNever Say Never Againbefore,
with the similar story, so I didn’t need to seeThunderball, right?

Wrong. There is…

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