Return to The Buzzword

A couple of years ago I was the first guest on podcast The Buzzword, talking about theatre, education and more.

The first interview took place shortly before HalfWits production of The Odd Couple in 2017.

I directed this production, with a cast including The Buzzword presenter Aaron Pennie

I was again delighted to be contacted by presenter Aaron Pennie to have another chat, this time virtually, due to the current Covid-19 lockdown.

I write retrospectives and reports to Reel Anarchy.

Our conversation veered from lockdown, the pressure to be improving yourself or creating something during lockdown, through unwritten novels, remote teaching, Reel Anarchy and blogging.

Click the image for my Quantum of Solace retrospective

We finished with our mutual appreciation of Quantum of Solace and Glengarry Glen Ross.

I appeared as Williamson in this production (and years ago I had played Lingk)

A was a great chat, and The Buzzword is a great regular listen, as the team reflect on movies, theatre and popular culture, with some fascinating guests.

The interview is on SoundCloud, just click on the logo below:

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