RATCHED posters

The new NETFLIX series RATCHED debuts in September.

Starring Sarah Paulson and created by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story), the series explores the character of Nurse Mildred Ratched from ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST.

Louise Fletcher won an Oscar for her performance as Ratched in Milos Forman‘s movie from 1975, and from the look of the trailer Sarah Paulson will be giving another excellent performance.

The trailer looks great, but the posters are wonderful. The poster above uses the popular and powerful mysterious image of a central character with their back to us to great effect.

The hat and costume tells us she is a nurse. And there is something stiff and formal in the pose that is quite strict and possibly unrelenting. This wretched character never lets her guard down.

These posters are deceptively simple and are ideal for studying colour, composition, imagery and font type in posters with school students. The expression on Paulson’s face here isn’t stereotypical horror or “psychopath”, but is alert, curious, disapproving. She lurks behind the curtain suspiciously.

The overall use of green recalls clinical hospitals, glazed wall tiles, and has connotations of eeriness or sickness.

Contrast that with the sparing use of red in the nails, lipstick or blood and the posters are chilling, if not horrific. The lines down the back of the stockings suggest the show is a period piece, and of course upon closer inspection those seams which remind me of drip lines, have blood seeping onto the white shoes.

There’s something about the elegant and stylised handwriting font that makes me think thats an insight how Ratched sees herself. But then, that’s just my interpretation.

Michael Douglas is credited as Executive Producer, which is interesting as he was a producer on the original movie (his father Kirk Douglas had played the main character McMutphy on stage).

The design, by LAssociates is a great use of simple imagery used to great effect.

The same agency are also responsible for these great creations too – all ripe for students to deconstruct in their quest to learn how the poster media is created and how it works it’s magic – and perhaps inspire those students to create their own.

Posters accessed on IMP Awards and on LAssociates Twitter:

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