Henry Cavill, 007?

In September 2021, EON Productions will finally release NO TIME TO DIE, Bond’s 25th official movie and the last one to star Daniel Craig as secret agent Double-O Seven.

Following that, the producers will be looking at another reboot – with a new approach for a new era, with a new Bond actor and a new direction.


Henry Cavill is Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. And Geralt in The Witcher. His turn in Mission Impossible Fallout showed his ability in bruising fight scenes and espionage (let’s not forget spy shenanigans in The Man from Uncle). 

You may not be aware that Cavill was a contender for the part of Bond just before Daniel Craig won the role in 2005. 

Bond composer David Arnold recently spoke of this on his Scala Radio show The Music of James Bond:

(Director) Martin Campbell and I had both enjoyed Henry Cavill’s audition, he had all the swagger and the physicality but maybe, as he was in his early twenties, felt just a little bit too young. We thought we had great presence and we weren’t at all surprised when he turned into Superman.

Today, Henry Cavill is the same age Daniel Craig was in 2005.

Perhaps now the time is right?

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