Caesar (1999)

Just realised that 20 years ago TheatreFusion were getting ready to mount a production of my modern day adaptation of Julius Caesar (set in a contemporary U.S. Presidential campaign) at Cottiers, Glasgow. I also directed the production. 20 years! Despite some technical issues with the multimedia (clunking video players!) the adaptation was well-received, and was … Continue reading Caesar (1999)

Avengers Endgame v The Force Awakens?

Two great posters - but with some similarities. What are the similarities? Describe them using appropriate poster design language (layout, background, image, strapline, font, colours, lighting etc).. Why are those features used? UPDATE on 10 May 2019: have a look at the poster for ALADDIN - not only the composition but also the … Continue reading Avengers Endgame v The Force Awakens?