New Bond Order

As NO TIME TO DIE is delayed again until October 2021, let’s play a game.

Take Six Bond films and put them in a new order. Can you create a Bond Saga?

There are 24 official James Bond films. Never Say Never Again and the 1960s Casino Royale were unofficial entries not made by EON Productions.

The films are not intended as one complete story, although some films refer back to others. Each new Bond actor is just the same character in a loosely connected adventure.

The fan theory that 007 is a code number, explaining the different faces, doesn’t hold water either.

However, the filmmakers have tried hard to keep Daniel Craig‘s films in their own continuity, which makes the film after this year’s No Time To Die an interesting challenge.

The films don’t need to connect, but in a movie world where Marvel comic book movies and TV shows are intricately entwined, it might be fun to suggest how Bond could be.

Here are the rules: one film from each Bond actor, any order your like, to make a grand story that loosely connects. As George Lazenby only made one movie – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – that one MUST be included.

It is harder than your think, but here’s my suggestion. And it’s interesting to note that some details between the movies work rather well together.

Obviously, this article will contain MAJOR SPOILERS.

Chapter One: Casino Royale (2006)

It’s Bond begins, with one of the best opening sequences (and the first Bond novel). It makes sense to use this is the opener, as it is not only a fan favourite, but also a great introduction to the character. New agent Bond goes on a huge journey to stop villain Le Chiffre, learning about his job and his own failings. He meets the wonderful Vesper Lynd who breaks him and makes him.

Chapter Two: The World is not Enough (1999)

A confident self-assured Bond who is reluctant to get involved with Elektra, who actually bears a strong resemblance to Vesper. Brosnan is at his slickest with this Bond and the film contains some of the most interesting stories, characters and scenes. It’s a neat coincidence that Judi Dench is still M in this “chapter two” as well. When Elektra asks Bond if he has ever lost someone his silence is telling.

Chapter Three: From Russia with Love (1962)

Bond’s reputation is now well-known, and he is drawn into a trap by the villains. As a bonus, he’s not in this for love. One of the best espionage-driven Bond films with exotic locales and shady villains. The threat of Grant, and the machinations of Rosa Klebb are great, and Connery is a lithe beast.

Chapter Four: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

Bond is drawn into another relationship with Tracy Vincenzo, but luckily the SPECTRE villain Blofeld‘s plan to poison the environment distracts him. But as we all know, that adventure concludes with the evil plans in tatters, Blofeld determined to get revenge and Bond sitting in his car off a coastal road in Italy cradling the body of his dead wife.

Chapter Five: For Your Eyes Only (1981)

I thought long about this one, as The Spy Who Loved Me seemed like a great candidate, with it’s wonderful locations, the megalomaniac villain, the underwater Lotus and huge action set pieces. Agent XXX even tries to mention that Bond was once married.

Yet I’ve chosen For Your Eyes Only because it starts with Bond at his wife’s grave, the demise of the wheelchair-bound villain (basically Blofeld), and follows a more mature 007 as he tries to protect Melina Havelock as she is on a self-destructive revenge mission.

Chapter Six: Licence to Kill (1989)

The final chapter is where Bond heads out on a revenge mission of his own. When Felix Leiter, the CIA agent we met in Casino Royale is attacked, Bond goes rogue in a tough thriller. Leiter‘s new wife suggests Bond will marry next (cue awkward silence from Bond). The film has a great appearance from Q in the field, a nasty villain, a brilliant henchman, and ends with some of the best stunts.

So that’s how my New Bond Order ends. Dalton‘s Bond seems to be outgrowing MI6. He protects his friends and falls for the awesomely capable CIA agent Pam Bouvier. The film ends with them fully dressed and kissing in a swimming pool. And an ornamental fish winks at the audience.

What do you think? What’s your New Bond Order?

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